Andrew Webster PhD Prize

Professor Andrew Webster

AsSIST-UK awards an annual prize for a PhD thesis that demonstrates outstanding quality in the STS/Innovation Studies field. The Prize is dedicated to the memory of AsSIST-UK co-founder, Prof. Andrew Webster.

Outline nominations are invited from members of Assist-UK, to be submitted via a short web form. Nominating members must have gained the permission of the nominee before submitting their nomination and will be asked to confirm this in the form.

  1. The thesis must have been awarded (i.e. passed the viva) in the calendar year 2022 by a UK Higher Education Institution.
  2. The thesis must have a clear and prominent use of STS and or Innovation Studies either in terms of concepts or methodology.
  3. The thesis must also meet one or more of the following additional criteria:
  • The thesis explores novel links between STS and Innovation Studies
  • The thesis explores novel links between STS/Innovation Studies and other disciplines
  • The thesis explores novel forms of public/policy impact and engagement
  • The thesis opens up novel areas of inquiry for STS and or Innovation Studies

Outline nominations are invited through the link below until 31 May 2023.

The Andrew Webster Ph.D. Prize committee of Assist-UK will compile a shortlist from these outline nominations and will contact those members who nominated shortlisted theses for further evidence of the quality of the thesis (e.g. a sample chapter) by 30 June 2023.

The 2023 Andrew Webster Ph.D. Prize will be awarded at the Assist-UK biennial conference in September.


Click here to open the initial nomination form 

Past Winners

The award for 2022 was made to Dr Daniel Robins.

The award for 2021 was made to Dr Matjaz Vidmar.

The award for 2020 was made to Dr Aaron Amankwaa.

The award for 2019 was made to Dr Clemence Pinel.