Executive Committee

The Association’s Executive Committee comprises the following members:

  • Chair: Robin Williams, Edinburgh
  • Newsletter Editors: Rachel Hale, Cardiff / Jennifer Chubb, York
  • Social Media: Kieron Flanagan, Manchester
  • Academic Centres Liaison: Vanessa Ashall, York
  • Conference Coordinator: Louise Elstow, Lancaster
  • Career Development: Katerina Psarikidou, SPRU Sussex
  • Training Development: Julia Kasmire, Manchester
  • Early Careers: Xiao Yang, Edinburgh / James Besse, Edinburgh
  • Web and Membership Development: Matjaz Vidmar, Edinburgh

The work of EC is split into several working groups:

  • Early Career Researchers
  • Bi-Annual Conference
  • Andrew Wesbter Prize
  • Community Development
  • (Digital) Infrastructure

To support the EC, the Association has a Strategic Advisory Group comprising the following members:

Brian Balmer (UCL), Patricia Fara (BSHS/Cambridge), Adam Hedgecoe (Cardiff), Paul Martin (Sheffield), Theo Papaioannou (Open University), Stevie de Saille (Sheffield), Johan Schot (Utrecht), Vicky Singleton (Lancaster), Fred Steward (Policy Studies Institute)