STS Italia

The 9th STS Italia Conference was held at the University of Bologna, Italy, June 28th-30th, with the theme “Interesting Worlds to Come: Science & Technology Studies facing more-than-human challenges”. The conference is to explore the concept of “interest” in order to address global challenges and design future worlds with justice for all nations, species, and generations. The conference is to reflect on the recent events that have shown current challenges affecting diverse networks of humans and non-humans over the long term. From an STS perspective, the conference aims to understand “interest” as more than just concern but also as agency, involvement, and action.

The conference opened with the keynote of “Extreme infrastructures: transversal relationships between the technopolitics of climate change adaptation and international migration”, given by Professor Huub Dijstelbloem. The following panels revolve around the IPCC’s goals, medical and AI, to end wars or to prevent pandemics. Besides, topics, such as “In Memoriam of Bruno Latour” were also discussed at the round table. In addition, the conference coincided with the Bologna Cinema Ritrovato Festival, where global STS scholars were able to experience the multifaceted culture of Italy.

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