AsSIST-UK Virtual Workshop June 2020

STIS in a post-COVID-19 world

We have decided to postpone the national AsSIST-UK meeting until next Easter. We are instead organising a virtual workshop in mid-June around the theme of how STIS can contribute towards recent debates around COVID-19. 

The workshop will invite STIS scholars to explore how STIS approaches can provide insight and especially a forward look on the transition into a post-Covid19 world.

Speakers will focus on topics such as transitional dynamics and the socio-technical uncertainties seen during the pandemic and how these have already been explored by members of AsSIST-UK

Details of the meeting will be circulated soon. We plan to run it as a panel of around three speakers, and a follow-up Q&A session via Zoom. The whole event would last about 90mins.

A provisional date has been set for June 18th. Please hold this date in your diary and await further details.

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