POST, REF and Social Science Impact

Abbi Hobbs, Head of the Social Science Division at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has published a very helpful article in the latest BSA Network Magazine that describes the work of POST and of her group. AsSIST-UK members should find it a valuable summary of different ways of engaging with Westminster. In regard to the REF Impact agenda, Abbi comments:

‘ The draft panel criteria and working methods for REF 2021 now out for consultation include various types of impact on Parliament, such as research which helps to highlight issues of concern to parliamentarians, contributes to new analysis of existing issues, helps parliamentarians and staff to identify inquiry topics, and shapes the focus of inquiries. These are all types of impact that sociological research can and should be having, so do think about Parliament when you are considering how to use your research findings to effect change in society. ‘

For further information see here

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