Commentary in Nature on the launch of the Association

The Association launch on April 6th at the BSA coincided with a commentary in Nature that explains the origins and aims of AsSIST-uk. It comes under Nature’s banner of a ‘World View’, and their pre-given format for this on the strap line at the top suggests it is a ‘personal view’, with me as the sole author. This piece is very much the result of discussion with members of the Executive Committee, and especially Robin Williams and Fred Steward. We see it as reflecting the views of the membership as a whole. A longer version of this will be uploaded shortly.

The link to the paper in Nature can be found at:

Nature World View


There is also a piece on the launch on Research Professional at:

News of Launch carried in Research Professional

The journalist, regrettably and incorrectly, says that the Association results from the efforts of three members – myself, Robin Williams and Fred Steward – when it is very much more a collective effort across the membership as a whole.

Andrew Webster Co-Chair


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