Digital Festival for the History of Science 2023

The programme for the Digital Festival of the British Society for the History of Science is now available.

This is a major international event, with the opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world.  Please spread the word via all your international contacts.

You can check out the contents of the various panels, discussions and activities at:

The Digital Festival is a single-line 4-day event.  It’s a festival, not a conference, meaning people are free to dip in and out.  There are no parallel panels, so you can enjoy all the exciting sessions live, if you want to. However, we know that this might be a lot even for the most enthusiastic people out there. So, pick your favourite sessions (we are aware that this might be tricky!) and join us either via the stage-button on Zoom or on YouTube. Please note that you can only ask questions via the Zoom Stage. The YouTube Chat will be closed. And if you missed a session, check out our recorded versions on YouTube later on!

The Festival features 28 sessions with speakers from 15 countries, focused on discussion of key topics for everyone interested in the history of science, technology and medicine.

July 3


Scholars from across the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) sector discuss the relationship between the history of science and their audiences.

July 4


A day exploring the role of people, place and perspectives; and the problem of historical erasure.

July 5


A fascinating interdisciplinary look and hands-on advice, on how historians of science can enhance their methodologies and develop new approaches.

July 6


Digital technologies have transformed our discipline. Colleagues at the forefront discuss the potential of this revolution for scholarship.

Dr Charlotte Sleigh

Vice-president, British Society for the History of Science

Twitter: @KentCHOTS

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