Call for papers: “Numbers”: Sociological Review Magazine

The Editor of the Sociological Review Magazine is inviting pitches for papers. They have just published their first themed magazine issue which is on the theme of Artificial Intelligence.

Link to June issue – AI:

They are now preparing a second issue linked to this one, out on 10 October. The issue will be titled “Numbers” and continues the theme of digitalisation started in the June issue. Link to October Issue: Numbers (deadline for pitches 27 June, full articles 18 July):

The magazine writes for a broad interdisciplinary audience including readers outside academia, and we are open to unconventional formats (interviews, podcasts, videos, photo-essays, Q&As, literature lists, or any other ideas contributors may have). They provide extensive editorial support and want to encourage also authors whose first language isn’t English to write for them.

For more info: Milena Kremakova
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