UKRI publishes its strategy for R&D

UK Research and Innovation which incorporates all the Research Councils, Innovate UK and Research England has just published its broad strategy for R&D. It is available here: UKRI Prospectus . Much of it is about fostering business and economic growth, as would be expected. There are likely to be opportunities for STIS researchers in two of its key areas though: see the sections of economic impact (impact) which includes reference to the rather intriguing notion of ‘promoting innovation backing new general purpose technologies on their route to market’; and also on social and cultural impact  (s&c impact). In regard to the latter, the prospectus notes ‘ We will run an open call for proposals from consortia of higher education institutes, research institutes and external stakeholders to support a small number of high quality research projects that place citizen participation at their heart.’

James Wilsdon, AsSIST-UK member, has just published his insightful commentary on the UKRI plans:

Wilsdon commentary

See also David Walker’s observations on how -if ever – UKRI engages with the Govt Office for Science and Health research at Collaboration?

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